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Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We ship as quickly as possible.
See the Map at in the "Order Info" link for Ground Ship times.
Most orders ship the same day.


Q: How often do you get new products in?

A: See next question and answer.


Q: What is the difference between "In Stock" and "Available"


 In Stock =

The number you see is what we have ready to ship today or tomorrow.

Available =
We may or may not have a few in stock (Somewhere between 0 and 5)
If a photo has a large number (600+) showing as AVAILABLE in inventory,
then it has not been updated and that number is not correct.
Those are photos we used to be able to restock. However, our main
photo suppliers (Photo File, Norman James and Others) went
out of business so most photos are now LIMITED STOCK.

On occasiion, we still purchase bulk private collections and store inventories
or find old stock in our warehouse so we do add photos from time to time.


Q: Can I place an order via telephone or email?

A:  Sorry, we only accept orders placed over our website


Q: Do you pack the photos carefully?

A: Yes, we pack all orders extra carefully and ship via FEDEX.
Packages are stiff and secure and  never arrive damaged.


Q: Can I walk into your warehouse and buy photos if I am in the area?

A:  Sorry, we are not set up to sell directly out of our warehouse.
All orders must be placed over our website and shipped to you via FEDEX.


Q: Can I have you ship via UPS, Post Office or other method and use my shipper number?

A:  Sorry, we only ship via FEDEX using our shipper number?


Q: Can you sell us a digital copy of your photo?

A:  Absolutely Not.  We only sell the physical photos and do
not license, print or digitally transfer photos.